Meetings with Marisol
At certain periods of the year, Marisol participates in meetings with her readers and offers drawing workshops for children. During these sessions, Marisol reveals, using dolls, sketches, original drawings and prints, how a book is created, from writing to binding. She also explains how her books’ heroes are born. Marisol speaks of her craft and converses with the children. For the drawing workshops, some preparation is required, as each child will be asked to illustrate their own book page.

Contact us if you require more information or wish to meet with Marisol.

It is important to contact Marisol well in advance of the desired workshop

How to organize a meeting ?

It is important to contact Marisol well in advance of the wished workshop date.
The following documents must be sent to Marisol :
1. A letter of intent duly signed by the event’s organizer ;
2. A document indicating :
The route to take ;
An accurate timetable for the day of the meeting. Distances must be kept in mind. Meetings will preferably begin at 9h30 in the morning.
The children’s school level ;
The premises in which the workshop will take place (it is required that the same room be reserved for the entire day).